Why I Quit Being An Insurance Agent?

  • John A. Osborne
  • Jan 22, 2023
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Being an insurance agent was not my dream job, but it was a decent career path that could provide a stable income. I started as a fresh college graduate, eager to learn and earn as much as I could. However, after a few years in the industry, I realized that this was not the job for me. Here are the reasons why I quit being an insurance agent:

1. The pressure to meet sales targets

One of the main reasons why I decided to quit my job as an insurance agent was the constant pressure to meet sales targets. The company I worked for had strict quotas that needed to be met every month, and our performance was closely monitored. While some people thrive under pressure, I found it extremely stressful and draining. I felt like I was constantly chasing numbers instead of focusing on what was best for my clients.

2. The lack of control over pricing and policies

Another issue that made me question my career choice was the lack of control over pricing and policies. As an insurance agent, I had to sell the products that my company offered, even if they were not the best fit for my clients. I also had no say in pricing, which meant that I had to deal with unhappy customers who felt like they were paying too much for their policies. It was frustrating to have to defend policies that I had no control over.

3. The limited career growth opportunities

After a few years in the industry, I realized that there were limited career growth opportunities for insurance agents. While I could have moved up to management or training roles, I didn’t see that as a viable long-term career path. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my career selling insurance policies and meeting sales targets. I wanted a career that offered more variety and opportunities for growth.

4. The lack of fulfillment

Finally, the biggest reason why I decided to quit being an insurance agent was the lack of fulfillment. While I enjoyed helping my clients and providing them with financial security, I didn’t feel like I was making a real difference in their lives. I wanted a career that allowed me to make a positive impact on people’s lives, whether that was through healthcare, education, or social work.


While being an insurance agent can be a lucrative career path, it wasn’t the right fit for me. The pressure to meet sales targets, the lack of control over pricing and policies, the limited career growth opportunities, and the lack of fulfillment were all factors that contributed to my decision to quit. It was a difficult decision, but ultimately, I knew that I needed to pursue a career that aligned with my values and goals.

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